Throughout the years, LPU students have shone brightly and achieved success, making ourselves and our university proud. For us to produce a great final product within ourselves, we have witnessed the tremendous amount of effort put forth by the faculties and staff members to assist us and give us all of the essential raw ingredients. The students have a plethora of unique skills and abilities that they discover and develop throughout their time at LPU. And this time it is our very own LPU alumnus who has made us proud by demonstrating that his talent is valuable enough to attract attention!

Aman Dhaliwal, an alumnus of the LPU Department of Cultural Affairs, has released a new album titled Bad Habits. In the album, he serves as the lead singer. Dating back to his LPU days, Aman has always been a talented and gifted young man who had a melodious voice. The music album also features well-known Punjabi singer Gurlej Akhtar, who began her singing career as a duet singer with Sukhwinder Sukhi. Supreet Jhajj also features in the album, while the lyrics are written by Sukha Kang. The album is available on iTunes. The album is produced by Jasvinder Kang under the Mad Mix Music Label, while the video was directed by Arshdeep Singh and edited by Golden Mask. At the point of writing this article, the music album has gained over 1.1 million views and 13 thousand likes, and it is branded under “Stardom Recordz.” The song is also accessible on Spotify, Amazon Music, JioSaavn, and YouTube Music.

Having worked in this profession for many years, Aman Dhaliwal has taken advantage of every opportunity that has been presented to him, as well as stood up for his passion for music. He continues to go forward on the route that he has mapped out for himself, which is only one of success! Aman has our best wishes for his future endeavours, and we at LPU wish him the best of luck for future projects as well.

You can listen to the song via this link: – Bad Habits | Aman Dhaliwal | Gurlej Akhtar | Stardom Recordz | Sukha Kang | Mad Mix | Punjabi Song