Hi! I am an LPU Student Nikhil Kumar Singh who started a blogging journey in June 2020 and achieved many milestones in the two years of Blogging, from the ranking on the Google first page, Adsense approval, collaboration with big Gadgets brands, Mivi, Noise, Hammeraudio, and many more.

My Story

Being a college student, it’s always exciting to make yourself independent from your family. It means you are eager to start the side hustle like Freelancing, Video Editor or Content writer, etc. 

I was also like you, and one day I was researching how we can start the side hustle while studying and make a decent amount of money. I got some information about blogging like we can start making money by just writing the information that we have and just sharing it on the internet with the people who want to know about that topic. 

LPU Student achieves many milestones in the 2 Years of his Blogging Journey

There were many problems I have faced during this journey, but I have continued, and after a few months, I have started getting results. Afterward, I spent my whole day blogging, researching, and writing on new topics. 

Now blogging has become the major source of my income, and I’m glad to share with you that I purchased the MacBook Air last year just with the help of my Blogging.  


Here are some achievements that I have got in the blogging field:

  1. Google AdSense: Almost 90-95% of the website fails in getting Google AdSense approval, but my website Nicktics had the AdSense approval after six months of the hardworking. 
  2. Ranking on Google: We have ranked on Google with the 2500+ Keywords (Popular Keywords: Best Earphones under 1500/2500, Best Power Bank under 1500, Best Fitness band under 2000, Best Earbuds under 2000)
  3. Collaborations with the top brands: We have collaborated and worked with multiple famous gadgets brands including Mivi, Hammeraudio, and Noise.
  4. Organic Growth: We have recently hinted the magical number of the 100k+ Organic traffic on the Google.