Our alumni have never missed an opportunity to make us proud. It is “Two-thirds of the world is covered by water, the rest by LPU Alumni.”. Corresponding to the quote, news of glory comes from every corner of the world.

Our alumni, GOUTAM ANAND, of Class of 2013 (CSE Hons.) working as a Research Software Engineer at Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore since September 2014, has once again brought glory to the university by winning 3 international hackathons back to back. The first one was the #EOSHackathon, where the challenge was to build “Decentralized Apps for the Scale using Eosio Platform”.  26 hours was the timeslot given to meet with new people, form a team, come up with an idea, and build a software prototype and then pitch it to the judges within 3 minutes.

Their team made it to the top 10 and won the “The Greatest Social Impact” prize from among 90 teams that included 350+ hackers from 17 different countries.  They will now be competing in the finals later this year.

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After the #EOSHackathon, his team won two more hackathons in June 2018.

(a) #AngelHack Singapore 2018 Hackathon #Eximchain challenge.
The challenge here was to build a technology that solves social or environmental problems and positively impacts the global supply chain.

(b) #NTUSpiritResearchCenter 2018 Hackathon “Most Enterprising Project”.
Here, the challenge was to build a “Decentralized app” using blockchain technology.

The App solved problems faced by the NGOs in disaster management by enhancing the missing and found people’s identity tracking and regulating of the supply inventories such as food, water, shelter/medical support, clothes and volunteer information via blockchain technology. The solution also offered a dashboard with the post-event analysis that helps NGOs to design more effective disaster management strategies.

About the author:

Ankit Yadav
B.Tech CSE (2nd year)
Lovely Professional University