Who doesn’t love the skyline of a city of skyscrapers? However stunning the architectural marvels look, it is needless to mention and discuss the impact that this development has had on the environment. It was, but much later recognized the need for sustainable development. Recently, an internationally acclaimed competition, “House in a Forest” was held in which architects from around the world took part. The LPU Vertos got another feather in their hat by winning the competition with their revolutionary design, named, “The Harmonious Niche.” The design has won the first prize among about 500 other international submissions.

The Design:

LPU Architecture students win "House in a Forest"

Here is what the design is about as per their submission: The design of the house has been made in harmony with the context of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

The design of the harmonious niche has been inspired from nature. All the elements of the house are designed in a way to blend with the natural attributes thus the house adapting to the natural features without muddling.

Design represents the form of ‘New Originated Bud’ which is going to acquire form as the stage is stage is origination of beauty for every flower.

Central Bud is main element of the new flower.  This only helps flower to develop so this gives the flower a path to grow. So the Central Part of the house is playing an essential role of vertical circulation in the building.

The main purpose of designing this house in natural flow is to allow the user to feel different shapes of spaces.

The house is designed keeping in mind the exterior view of the building that are visible as all three aspects of nature, i.e., water, air and life can be experienced from inside the house from different spaces.

House is located at that point of the forest where three elements of nature, i.e., Land, Air and Water meet each other.

House being designed for nature is kept in mind for designing the spaces which should not disturb Flora and Fauna.

LPU Architecture students win "House in a Forest"

The Winners:

The credit for designing this unique and innovative house goes to four third year architecture students, Divyansh Gupta, Shreyansh Jain, Hitesh Luthra and Abhishek Tripathi.