Annual fest One India 2022 of Lovely Professional University was held amid mega cultural diversity celebrations at the campus. This year in its 12th session, the One India 2022 Fest was celebrated carrying the theme- “Tribal Cultural Heritage Walk“. The day proved celebrative and informative with a massive presentation of diverse tribes, tribal heritage and celebrations thereof.

For this, a large number of Indian festivals, rituals, cultures, traditions, dances, songs were showcased and performed on, in full mirth and merriment. Students raised slogans for oneness, particularly “Bharat Mata Kee Jai” & “Hum Sab Ek Haen”, amid large diversity of the country and at the campus.

Rajya Sabha Member (MP) of India & Chancellor of LPU Mr Ashok Mittal inaugurated the fest by releasing tri-coloured balloons. LPU Pro-Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal accompanied him. Chancellor Mr Mittal congratulated all at the helm of affairs of the fest for upholding India’s magnanimity in its diversity, as it is maintained at the campus also. Mr Mittal encouraged students to always stand united in all endeavours for the betterment of the community, country and the world.

Maintaining particular measures of the respective areas, thousands of student-participants from all the states and union territories of India and 50+ countries worked together and transformed LPU campus into ‘Mini India’. The most important point of the fest remained that students not only represented their own state but also other states as well to showcase strong ‘Unity in Diversity’. Even International students also participated actively along with their Indian counterparts to imbibe great Indian ideology and culture.

During the concluding hours of the five Kms long procession, various dance forms of the country were performed. LPU’s Department of Cultural Affairs had streamlined the celebrations which culminated at Baldev Raj Mittal Unipolis of the university.

In fact, the annual university fests- ‘One India‘ and ‘One World” are celebrated every year at LPU Campus to let diverse student communities feel the importance of unity by all means. Different LPU Schools represent different states of India and countries separately, and their students work together to bring out the great aspects of their individual state or country for thousands of other on-looking students to imbibe the same.