BTech Aerospace Engineering student Gopalchetty Brahma of LPU has won international ‘Silver Honour’ award by proving his deftness and creativity in academic course-related fields- Astronomy and Astrophysics. The occasion was the International  Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition (IAAC-2020), held online, for the students from all across the world. Tough competitors were from the countries including the US, UK, Russia, Canada, Germany, China, France, Italy, Spain, South Korea, New Zealand, Greece, Hong Kong, Singapore and many more. This competition sharpens students’ minds to learn more in-depth about these two fields related densely to the aerospace and aeronautical engineering.

The winning certificate issued under the signatures of IAAC Public Relations Manager Stefan Amberg and Team Coordinator Fabian Schneider indicates that the final round of the competition was a supervised exam, where LPU participant scored enough points to get placed among the top 7% of all the participants from across the world to win ‘Silver Honour’.

Gopalchetty Brahma

Manager Amberg holds that Astronomy is an interesting scientific subject, and by participating in this competition students come to know more about it. This competition aims to be accessible to all students from all countries regardless of their background, school, or institution. For this, IAAC uses today’s technologies and the global connection to make the competition possible. In fact, society is in need of capable scientists and engineers, who develop, shape and maintain the innovations of the future. So, IAAC is a sophisticated competition platform to enable students to get involved in the process of shaping the future.

The International Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition (IAAC) is the biggest online astronomy competition for students from all countries, where they win awards, cash prizes or become official IAAC ambassadors in their respective country. This is an international science competition that enables students from all countries to prove their skills and to unleash their creativity in the fields of astronomy and astrophysics. IAAC gives students a unique opportunity to apply skills to challenging problems, where students from all grades and all countries participate.