“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Albert Schweitzer

It’s rightly said people following their passion, definitely achieve success in life. And here we have the young technophile, Ravikant Goswami, a student from Lovely Professional University, escalading the stairs of success, after being announced by Microsoft as the Gold Microsoft Student Partner.

Ravikant has been associated with Microsoft since 2017, under the worldwide recognized program, ‘Microsoft Student Partners.’ MSP is a platform that has been continuously supporting and sponsoring many techies worldwide and has been heightening their employability rate by imparting them with skills that can’t be grasped by becoming book worms. The program also train’s these technophiles with Microsoft technologies, which gives them an extra edge among other students majoring in the same domains.

Ravikant Goswami, as a Microsoft Student Partner, has conducted 100+ events on Microsoft and related technologies and has communicated his learnings with over 25000 students out here on the campus. Exuberant to take the ‘Tech World’ to the next level, he has been addressing the other students and his colleagues from the same domain, with the latest inventions and innovations, and is trying to motivate them. Ravikant is serving under the MSP program with complete dedication and hard work from the past 3 years, and his continuous efforts have made Microsoft reward him with the most inestimable Gold milestone.

This milestone has been bagged by only 14 people from India and 45 globally, and Ravi is now one of them. He has now become a member of the elite community of other Gold Microsoft Student Partners and Program Managers from Microsoft.

Ravi was also in the list of 7 students from LPU who made it to the Microsoft Student Partners India Summit 2020, this year at New Delhi, where they exchanged their words with the Global Program Manager Pablo Veramendi, and fellow MSPs.

We congratulate Ravikant Goswami on his remarkable achievement and wish him the best for his future endeavours.