The student organizations of Lovely Professional University keep up with exceptional ideas. From orchestrating the investors to managing the event, everything has a catalogue of to-do’s, which are taken care of with surprising perfection. Discussing the very latest event, Shark Tank, which is going to be a one-of-its-kind event. It tends to set some truly demanding norms for the forthcoming ones.

I suppose we already had a sneak peek at what the event is all about in the previous feature.

Organizing a massive event like a Shark Tank, let alone its planning has got to be a task, but the collaborative efforts of the team of the organization and the planning covering the smallest of deets, make it look easy. The event is brought up by the student organization Griffin and is sponsored by unschool. Following the ritual, this event too has a series of promotional partners which are none other than the university’s own organizations. The organizations are paigaam, ojaswi, factum, aurora, tachyons, and UNYC, to name a few. The sharks who are to be judges of the show are none other than students who are part of the board members of the organizations.


Rahul Nayak, the driving force behind the Shark Tank and COO of Griffin, is one of the sharks. He is a protean, well versed with the different horizons of art.  The panel consists of a calm and composed member who is none other than Shreyanshu Roy, the PR Co-head of Geeks For Geeks, a student organization known for its vast impact on the coding culture of the varsity. Our very versatile member Saubhagya Sinha also holds a considerable position in the shark panel. She is the anchoring Co-lead in UNYC and President of Girl Up LPU. The sharks, with their expectations, have already raised the temperament of the event. On being asked about their expectations they explicitly mentioned, about the event ideas to hold a massive significance and an execution eventually. Our sharks seemed quite in spirit for the event. They are indeed expecting some really good ideas as the show is unique.

The event clearly is all about sharing an event idea. The ones liked will make a gentlemen’s deal wherein the event would be conducted in the presenter’s name despite being or not part of any organization. With literally no responsibilities, the event would be executed seamlessly just by the associations of the sharks, which means the presenters are just involved in the fun part.

The event has been postponed for now and will be directed as soon as we complete our end-term examinations. Till then continue scribbling your minds and jotting innovative ideas to convey them to the event.