·  LPU collaborated with NGO Saksham for this workshop, where 300 visually impaired persons attended

·   “We able-bodied must learn from them how to overcome challenges to excel in life”: LPU Chancellor Dr Ashok Kumar Mittal

Lovely Professional University (LPU) hosted a two-day sensitization workshop for persons with ‘Visual Disabilities’ at its campus. LPU collaborated with NGO Saksham for this workshop, named ‘Tech Fiesta’, which aimed at understanding the challenges that people with visual impairment have to face while also showcasing technology solutions to those challenges.

Near 300 visually impaired persons from across the state and adjoining areas attended the workshop. In addition, nearly 500 student volunteers from LPU also participated to assist the delegates during the training sessions, particularly on computing and android skills.  

Inaugurating the workshop, LPU Chancellor Dr Ashok Kumar Mittal congratulated the organizers and appreciated delegates on their strong will to defy physical challenges and excel in life. Addressing all able-bodied persons of the world, Dr Mittal held, “we must learn from visually impaired ones how to overcome difficulties and succeed in life by working perseveringly in accordance.” Dr Mittal also referred to the visually impaired great saint ‘Surdas Jee’, whose enchanting singing sayings keep on guiding us all even today.

Dr Mittal also announced that LPU will provide all needed support to offer access to education to the visually disabled at the LPU campus. He also shared that LPU will also provide free training to the visually disabled on new technologies through LPU faculty and students.

Also present on this occasion were Pro Chancellor Mrs Rashmi Mittal, General Manager Mrs Deepika Sood and Prof Dr Prem Sagar from ‘Saksham (Punjab Branch)’ and Ms Sonali from Saksham (New Delhi). During commencing hours, Ms Sood highlighted that their NGO approached LPU for its magnanimous endeavours in diverse fields. She expressed her gratitude for the support received in every form at LPU. Prof Dr Prem Sagar also eulogized LPU students and staff members for their humane sensations.   

Important addresses, showcasing of facilitating equipment for visually impaired persons, and training thereof on how to utilize the assistive technology, tech support & tools were the highlights of the event. Two of the delegates Umar and Mohit also showcased how they use the Screen Reading mobile app and assistive application NVDA on computers to understand screen messages in conversion to sound. The NVDA screen reading software allows vision-impaired people to use computers independently, even for jobs. Another landmark event of the Tek Fiesta was focusing on the use of laptops, android phones and more.