Six South Korean students from the top-ranked Busan University of Foreign Studies (Busan) and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (Seoul) visited Lovely Professional University to learn about Indian culture. It was amazing to note that all of them conversed in pure Hindi with LPU students and staff members and gathered much knowledge about India, Indian culture, values, languages, and economy.

The visiting students were Kim Jin Hwan, who is pursuing full-time Bachelor Programme in Hindi in South Korea; Hwang Ye Sun (Leisure Sport); Lee Ji Hye (Theology); In Ky Ung (Biology); and Kim Eun Saem and Jang Ye Ji, who are enrolled in the Nursing program.

On reaching the Media and International department at LPU, Hwang shared:

My friends and I are very happy to reach at one of the largest university of India, LPU, and in sharing our thoughts in the Indian Language with LPU students and staff members. It will ever be a memorable experience for us as we got much recognition and a warm welcome at the campus. In fact, our Busan University was founded with philosophy for educating the youth of Korea to become International leaders by learning languages of other great nations of the world. Following this philosophy, I learned main language of Incredible India, and presently I have no hesitation in conversing with Indians in their own language. This is indeed going to pay me much in the long run.”

Welcoming South Korean students at the campus, LPU Chancellor Mr. Ashok Mittal adds,

We host hundreds of students from different countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, China and more, to provide our students a global environment at LPU campus. In fact, LPU campus is known around the world for its huge diversity, as students from all parts of India and 50+ countries study here. The students of different cultures and nationalities co-exist and join hands in all academic, co-curricular and sports activities to be globally fit citizens and future leaders. Now, the South Korean students have also reached out to multi ethnic LPU campus to study. All this sends a strong message of oneness, peace, prosperity to the entire world that no countries are strange and no men foreign.

Kim Jin Hwan, a visiting Korean student, is well versed in Hindi language and possesses a flair for the language. His interest in the language has had him teach fellow five students as well. His fluency and hold over the language is unbelievable and such an outlook only propagates the sense of oneness amongst all.

Busan (BUFS) and Hankuk (HUFS) University of Foreign Studies have academic exchange program agreements with 100+ universities in many countries. In addition to top western languages, eastern language program includes Japanese, Chinese, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malaysian, Burmese, Arabic, and more.