Lovely Professional University has made a name for itself as an educational institution that others will aspire to attend, and it has established a standard that all other universities should strive to achieve. The predominance of LPU in a variety of spheres, including athletics, the arts, scholarship, and research, has captured the attention of people from all over the world, leading us to believe that the university is on the ascent.

LPU was recently placed 2nd in India amongst top Ivy League universities such as MIT, Harvard University, Oxford University, Cambridge University, and so on, by the prestigious “WURI” (World’s Universities with Real Impact) Rankings 2022! LPU was successful in its very first effort at acquiring the global band of 101-200. This remarkable accomplishment is a direct result of the meaningful contributions that LPU has made to our society as well as its inventive and original methods of university research and instruction.

ABOUT WURI (World’s Universities with Real Impact)

A working group has been established by the Organizing Committee of the Second Conference of the Hanseatic League of Universities in order to develop a fresh methodology for ranking educational institutions. This study, which examines the university’s actual contributions to our society, is titled “World’s Universities with Real Impact (WURI),” and its title refers to the study’s acronym. The World Universities Research Initiative (WURI) recognizes distinctive and innovative approaches to university education and research that focus on the following aspects: –

  • Industrial uses, as opposed to the more conventional methods of accumulating research papers and teaching in the form of lectures.
  • Rather than the conventional focus on the number of jobs filled, educational institutes should be encouraging value-creating companies and entrepreneurialism.
  • Instead of concentrating just on acquiring information and abilities for the sake of attaining material success, one should emphasize social responsibility, ethics, and integrity.
  • Instead of having a separate but closed system, students should be able to move around and institutions and countries should be open to sharing and working together.

This year’s review and the rating were comprised of submissions from 792 unique programmes offered by 309 universities located all over the world.