“When opportunity presents itself, don’t be afraid to go after it.” –Eddie Kennison

Summers are a great time to explore and innovate. A lot of students take a lot of opportunities and grow in these crucial months. They seek summer internships. One such internship induction program was organized by the student organization Jhankaar.

LPU’s Student Organization Jhankaar successfully conducted its summer internship induction program on 28th June 2021. It was one of the most mesmerizing and interactive inductions that might have happened. The meeting was scheduled to give the new summer interns acquaintance of the student organization. All the interns were really excited and thrilled to start their new journey with Jhankaar.

LPU Student Organization Jhankaar embarked on its New Journey

The induction started out with hearty congratulations from the hosts. Then, the hosts told the new interns about the organization’s history, what it stands for, and its outstanding accomplishments. Jhankaar was formed in 2013, making it one of the oldest organizations of Lovely Professional University (it’s like the Hogwarts of the magic world). Then the organization’s purpose was explained to the new interns who were to promote and organize cultural events. But the organization did not stop just there. It expanded with the help of the members that made it a 5 tier organization of the university. There are a lot of events that added more feathers to the organization’s cap. ‘Gantantra ke Rang Jhankaar ke Sang‘ is one of the mega-events that has been the trademark of Jhankaar. It is the most notable event that happens each year on Republic Day of India, organized by Jhankaar.

LPU Student Organization Jhankaar embarked on its New Journey

Some inspirational words from the OB panel, including the CEO Ms. Avneet Kaur, also spoke few motivating words that could help the interns in their journey ahead. They elaborated on the role of teamwork and consistency in success. They told about their journey in the organization. One OB member said that he could achieve most of the skills required in the corporate world. The OB was pleased to see the enlightened faces of all the interns. The interns found an instant connection with the organization’s goals by this overwhelming introduction. 

After the excellent overview and introduction of the organization, some team-building fun exercises commenced. The hosts took it to themselves to make the interns interact with each other. The activities included games like 2 truth 1 lie. The interns were having a great time. They got to know about their own teammates, their habits, and their identities. Everyone was giggling till the end of the session. It was an enriching experience to be present there, meet and greet with new people. Amidst the pandemic, the Division of Student Welfare has been supportive to the students with its student organizations like Jhankaar.

The meet ended with a positive note from the CEO to work hard to serve society.