With the application of automation and blockchain growing across all industry sectors, there exists quite a great surge in automation & blockchain-related jobs. To meet the requirement for trained professionals in this field, Lovely Professional University has launched a new age programme for MBA in Process Automation & Blockchain.

The curriculum of this intensive MBA programme is designed by experts from Risk Annals Research Corporation, which is a provider of a wide range of risk management solutions. The collaborated expertise will provide students with most in-demand skills in the field of automation & blockchain.

Such MBA students will have the opportunity to learn the fundamentals, technical as well as functional aspects, required to develop real-world processes for automation and block-chain solutions.

Risk Annals Research Corporation (RARC) will provide online collaborated state-of-the-art block-chain lab enabling public and private block-chain construction through prototype platforms and composers like Ethereum (a blockchain-based platform best known for its crypto-currency-ETH; Hyper-ledger (an open source blockchain framework hosted by Linux foundation); WAVES (enable users to create and launch custom crypto tokens); similarly EOS; Stellar and more are also there for their uniqueness.

Pro Vice-Chancellor & Dean at Mittal School of Business, Prof Dr Sanjay Modi shares: “In fact, one of the most influential and important emerging technologies in modern business is the combination of blockchain and process automation that ensures to shape the 21st century in several sectors.”

This unique programme explores how blockchain and automation combinations can revolutionize economies while addressing some of the most pressing problems in society. These include trust, transparency, inclusive participation, fair trade and more. Students will gain an in-depth, panoramic understanding of the practical applications of blockchain and process automation. Along with, they will also be able to critically evaluate the processes, practices and tools of this disruptive technology.

With 2nd Rank in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings- 2022; the best NIRF-2021 ranking; and, accredited with ACBSP of the USA; LPU’s Mittal School of Business offers industry relevant MBA programmes to generate creative, effective and dynamic business professionals for the corporate world as per the requirements of the industry. It develops and delivers course curriculum through highly qualified and experienced faculty members. It also inculcates innovation and unconventional efforts to develop entrepreneurial skills in individuals.