“With great power comes great responsibility.” ~ Winston Churchill

The responsibilities increase as the influence you have on society increases. There are a lot of people in the world who have the aura of a leader. They have leadership skills in them, and people comfortably follow them. It is amazing how some people elect one person who is given the opportunity to represent the aspirations, intellect, interests, and feelings of a whole lot of people. It becomes a great pride for the person to maintain these qualities and live out the values and beliefs of various other people. Throughout history, representatives and delegates have played a significant role in shaping society. These leaders molded the decisive moments of history which define who we are today.

Lovely Professional University has a vast alumni network of achievers and believers. Since LPU has been a pioneer in every field and continues to do so, we have one more achievement to share with the world. LPU’s MBA Alumna, Mandeep Kaur interacted with Honorable Prime Minister of India, Sh. Narendra Modi, as she was selected to be a part of the Sikh Delegation invited by the PM at his Delhi residence. She was specially invited to the PM’s guest list because of her great work.

Rural IT Model and LPU Alumni Meets PM Modi

She has won praise in recognition of her “Rural IT Model” based on “Reverse Migration”, with which youth from bigger cities are grabbing global-level jobs in a village. The intellectual entrepreneur is the founder of SimbaQuartz, an IT services and digital marketing firm. The specialty of this firm is not that it is a digital marketing firm. The company has been established in her native village, Tangra, which is truly supporting reverse migration by offering lucrative jobs to 100+ IT professionals in a village and making the future startups to be village-based.

It is a matter of pride and inspiration to be considered worthy enough to interact with the PM of India. We should get inspired by her goodwill and give back to society through our good deeds.