Since its inception, Lovely Professional University has had strung-out chronicles of its students winning medals in international sports. For an institution that has been acting as a beacon for flabbergasting prodigies, how can Olympians remain overshadowed! This year the crème de la crème of all the Vertos indulged in the Tokyo Olympics 2020, and with the number of godspeeds they have been receiving, they are preordained to leave a mark across the globe.

Even Mr. Virat Kohli, one of India’s legendary cricketing pioneers and the current captain of the Indian National Cricket Team, on Monday, expressed his cordial reverence towards eleven Olympic athletes, who are competing indefatigably to secure triumphs and win veneration for our country.

This year at Tokyo Olympics, thanks to Lovely Professional University’s Olympians Harmanpreet Singh & Rupinderpal Singh, India is off to an incredible start! On the first day itself, India’s Olympic Men’s Hockey Team knocks New Zealand by 3-2, and the crowning facet is that all the goals were racked up by Lovely Professional University’s Vertos.

As an emblem of gratitude, Mr. Virat Kohli shared a condensed thank you clip and a galvanizing communiqué quoting, “India needs 10 more LPUs. Best of luck to eleven LPU students who are representing India at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Truly a great achievement!” He also stated that he hopes that soon Lovely Professional University is going to send Vertos to the Indian National Cricket Team too! Indeed, India needs more of LPUs!

When Virat Kohli appreciated LPU Vertos at Tokyo Olympics 2020

The fact is stranger than fiction, but the truth is 10% of the Indian Olympians are from Lovely Professional University.

With that, the citizens of India are going nuts over the incredible achievements of Vertos in the Tokyo Olympics 2020, making the #LPUStudentsAtOlympics third most trending hashtag on Twitter!

Vertos in Tokyo Olympics 2020 are an inspiration for us all, and words of appreciation matter to them. So let’s cheer them up!