Student Organization GRIFFIN presented the most recent Instagram live session in an exclusive series of masterclasses on the Griffin LPU’s official Instagram handle with Ms. Samriddhi Aneja, an independent graphic designer and poet from Amritsar, Punjab.

In this live session, ma’am thoroughly described what poetry is and what it takes to be a successful poet. She believes that feelings and language are the most important aspects of writing poetry. She even referenced an adage, “to be a good poet, one should read as much as one can”. While she acknowledged that reading is extremely important, she also noted that it is not an easy chore to be efficient and consistent in reading.

She also highlighted the necessity of “poetic techniques” in writing poetry as the session progressed. Poetic devices, she added, are the jewels of poetry and enhance the beauty of the poem. To write regularly, it is important to get everyday motivation or muse to create poetry. She used William Wordsworth’s poem “The Daffodils” to illustrate her point. She went on to explain why this poem is still so well-known. She went on to say that Sir William had an unusual gift for feeling and observation, which she added to her appreciation of Wordsworth’s work.

She went on to say that all of the Hindi-English songs use a variety of lyrical elements.

Adding to the conversation, ma’am stated that she preferred to watch movies rather than read. She focused on the third-person narrative and internal monologue, both of which are widely employed in English films, which helped her a lot to get more written.

She went on to say that one should indulge himself/herself in photography (by which she didn’t mean gaining appropriate photography skills, etc.) to inspire one to write. She suggested that people should photograph all of the lovely things they see or purchase a large number of artifacts to generate more ideas for writing. 

“To be a good poet, one should be good at imagination,” she continued, “one should be imaginative, an individual should think outside the box.”

Ma’am wrapped up the lesson by emphasizing the significance of inner voice and inner calling in poetry writing. She inquired as to whether one should be open to various types of writing. She challenged everyone to sample as many different genres as possible. It was indeed a unique session to attend.

Student Organisation Griffin Organises Poetry Masterclass W/ Samriddhi Aneja

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