The development of cadets and social workers at Lovely Professional University has taken place over hundreds of thousands of students who have become members of the NCC and the NSS. Young students from colleges and universities all around India are encouraged to join the NCC and the NSS. The NCC is a young branch of the Indian Armed Forces that is centred on the Tri-Services Organization and works to cultivate a sense of patriotism in young people. The National Service Scheme (NSS) operates with the goal of imparting social welfare to students for the benefit of society.

CPL Omkar Nath, an NCC Cadet from Lovely Professional University, has been picked for Republic Day Camp 2022 from among hundreds of other cadets, which is a source of great pleasure for the LPU family. The NCC organises an annual Republic Day Camp (RDC), which is held from January 7th to January 29th, 2022, this year. A contingent of the Indian military, navy, air force and other paramilitary forces would accompany him on the march. The camp is also known as “Mini India” because it attracts cadets from all across the country, including the Union Territories.

After a difficult selection process that included thousands of student volunteers from across India’s five zones, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (Government of India) chose LPU students for the camp. Individuals from not only India but also from approximately 15 other countries compete in a series of difficult tests to be selected for participation in this large event. A total of 500 NCC Cadets from 28 colleges and universities around the country participate in regular training camps held on the LPU campus for every NCC Cadet of the 8th Punjab Battalion, with Senior-Junior Wing (SW/JW) and Senior-Junior Division (SD/JD) being represented.

You’ll be surprised to discover that NCC Cadet Under Officer (UO) Ashish Kumar from our university has also been selected to participate in the Republic Day Camp in the year 2022. Every year, the parade takes place at the Garrison Parade Ground in Delhi Cantt. In this year’s Republic Day Camp, we all have something to look forward to, and we can all root for and congratulate our very own cadet on his selection and participation in such a large event!