Whenever you are choosing any college, you must first check about its environment, rules and regulations. For your studies and development, you must require a proper environment where you can make your personality and learn discipline, making you more professional and active. If you want to grow and also want a safe environment then LPU is really a very better option for you. With some of my points, I can assure you that this university will provide you with the best and the safest environment for your growth and development.

Strict Rules

In LPU, a student should follow each and every rule very strictly. If any of them are found disobeying any rule, then a big punishment is there for them and they may also get suspended. So, here rules are followed very strictly and by doing this we can learn discipline.

Zero ragging system

Ragging is strictly prohibited here. Nobody in this university is allowed to do ragging or bullying any student. If however, you find anyone doing such kind of activities you can complain about it to any faculty or any other staff about it and he or she will definitely get punished for such things. So, anyone roams freely on the campus without any fear.

The Guards are present everywhere within the campus

The Guards are present everywhere within the campus to maintain to protect the students and to provide any kind of facilities to them. Due to their presence, no student can think do any kind to of bad activity like teasing, bullying or harming other fellows. If you need any help you can ask the guards. They have very kind and friendly nature and they are always there to help you.

Fixed entry time for girls who are staying in hostels

Girls who are staying in hostels are given a fixed time to enter into their respective hostels. The timings are – 6 pm during winters and 7 or 7:30 during summers. No girl is allowed to go outside the hostel after this time or if any girl comes late then their respective wardens give a phone call to their parents to tell about it. This step is taken to provide safety to girls. Due to this rule, our parents are assured that we are safe.

Use of alcohol and cigarettes are strictly prohibited

Use of alcohol, cigarettes or any kind of harmful things is strictly prohibited in the campus. Nobody not allowed to drink alcohol or taking drugs on the campus. If anyone is found doing such things, his/her scholarship gets cancelled and he or she will be suspended.

Every facility is available within the campus

Every facility like mall, hospital, playground, food courts and many more things are present within the campus so that nobody has to go far away to buy or get anything. You can get anything you want inside the campus.