College life includes more or less freedom in life. It is the time when we are in a transition stage from teenager to an adult. It is time we slowly come to know about how the world works and how to sustain in this sometimes-harsh world. We are more or less our own guardian now. Our safety and security should be our prime concern now and we would be solely responsible for anything and everything that happens to us and that may entirely shake the sense of calmness about us that exists in our home and in the heart of our parents.

Earlier we used to rely on our parents for guidance but now we may live far away from them and might not be able to resolve each and every problem that we face. So why wait for mishappenings in the campus when we can easily tackle the causes beforehand? Here come some noteworthy points that are extremely beneficial for campus safety:

  • Note down emergency numbers and keep them handy

Just take a pocket-sized notepad or even a piece of paper, collect and write down the contact numbers of your hostel’s warden, your mentor, security head office, fire service, police station, ambulances and so on. As soon as you are done, save those numbers into your phone so as to use them when required.

  • Always carry a sufficient amount of cash with you

campusJust carry enough cash to help you out if you are in little troubles like immediately buying a lab manual that you forgot to buy earlier, paying for food if you missed your meal and most importantly to reach your hostel by chance you are or reach the hospital or diagnosis centre outside the campus immediately. But don’t keep too many of it inside your wallet or purse. Cause if somehow your purse or wallet is lost, you will be in a great loss.

  • Use locks wherever required

Obviously, at the main entrance of your room, you use a lock. But what about your personal almirah or even the safe that you have in your room? You do have precious items inside those too. So use locks there too and never ever lose your keys cause breaking the locks is not a type of adventure of course.

  • Never wander alone in the night

You never know what the person next to you is thinking or planning to do. Also must have heard about some unfortunate incidents that happen in our country every day. So why to take risks? Enter your hostel before sunset and don’t go out unless you have an emergency.

  • Don’t use headphones while walking on the campus roads

campusOnce you put on your headphones and turn your playlist on, you are in a whole new world. And Whatsapp and Instagram messages do come, and thus, you have no sense what is going on outside. Put off your headphones and reply to the messages later as you don’t when a car or bike will turn round the corner towards you.

  • Don’t trust and believe anybody too soon

Wait for some time. Never blindly trust someone just because he has said something you feel it’s true and matches your personality. Interact with that person many times and observe him/her. If you find that person capable of your trust and friendship, then only embark your journey to build a new relation.