I hope you struck on this article by the intriguing fact that how a researcher could get an award in the fashion industry. Well, fear not as it isn’t clickbait. It is another genuine and mindbending achievement of our very own students of Lovely Professional University.

I have been writing about the achievements of my fellow students for a while now. Each time I see one or the other achievement of someone amongst us, there is some belief and spirit that gets lifted. Since it is almost time to get completely started with the offline term, I am very sure most of us are looking forward to getting the most benefited from it. No matter how much the pandemic has shattered our spirits, put dents on our mental health or slowed our progress, it hasn’t been able to take away the human spirit to grow. Students who have been especially affected by the time when they were away from their place of study employed new methods to study. This fueled their creativity and took their level of intelligence to an entirely new level. Some even took their long-lost passions and put all their efforts into evolving them into a career. I see the zeal to achieve bigger things

Another achievement of LPU’s verto has added another feather in the cap. Research Scholar Monika Sahu has won 4th rank in Mrs. India 2022 and has won the title of Mrs. Fantastic Hair in the Season 3 of VPR Miss and Mrs. India 2022. It is an intriguing success for a research student. It hence proves that there is nothing that cannot be achieved with focus, determination, and hard work. She is not only contributing to the growth and development of society through the contribution to the research field but also proving herself in the field of modeling. ­

I hope all the vertos of LPU derive some inspiration from this endeavor of a fellow student who is taking charge of her life and would strive to achieve bigger things in life.