Four research scholars at the Department of Chemistry in the LPU’s School of Chemical Engineering and Physical Sciences have got their ‘Review Papers’ published in premier Q1 journal- “Coordination Chemistry Reviews.” The prestigious publication is with the highest ‘Impact Factor- 24.833’ – Elsevier, this year.

These internationally glorified research-scientists and PhD scholars of LPU are Abhinay Thakur; Richika Ganjoo; Dr. Shveta Sharma and Humira Assad.

LPU Chancellor Dr Ashok Kumar Mittal congratulated the researchers for originality and practical significance in their research findings. Dr Mittal further motivated them to carry on with such research works for the general benefit of the global society.

Review is for “Coordination bonding and corrosion inhibition potential of nitrogen-rich heterocyclic: Azoles and Triazines as specific examples. Worth mentioning, Azoles are a group of widely used antifungal medications, which inhibit the growth of a wide range of fungi. These are used in both agriculture and medicine. Triazines are a group of pesticides with a wide range of uses. Most are used in selective weed control programs.

The review of the literature indicates that azoles and Tri-azines, as well as other Nitrogen based heterocyclic compounds are particularly efficient in reducing corrosive effects. The goal of this review is to talk about the coordination and bonding characteristics of these compounds, and how they can prevent corrosion. In this regard, LPU scholars also collaborated with researchers of international universities.

In fact, ‘Coordination Chemistry Reviews’ Journal publishes original research documents in the areas of Inorganic Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Organic Chemistry. It provides high-quality, original papers where all submitted articles are peer-reviewed to ensure the highest quality. It is listed in a wide range of abstracting and indexing datasets such as Scopus, Web of Science. A significant number of leading scientists across the globe have published their research contributions at this Journal.