Have you ever been part of a crowd before? You might have probably enjoyed the events in LPU’s famous Shanti Devi Mittal Auditorium for a long time. It leaves us in awe when the performers perform at these big events and portray their talents in front of everyone. I usually keep a figment of inspiration in the back of my head for a while after seeing the extraordinary display of art in shows like these. How can a person reach such a level that thousands of people sit patiently to watch him/her perform? Such questions dwell in our minds when such extraordinary individuals bring out the best in them on the stage.

It is not necessarily the case that people have all the opportunities at their doorstep and they make the best of them. Not every privileged person is bound to be great, it is their choice whether they want to grab the opportunity or not. It doesn’t matter where you start your hustle from. What matters is that you start and patiently keep hustling till you get the results.

Great accomplishments are the product of perseverance. One such verto of LPU and an amazing actor Mr. Sahil Kumar who has touched the pinnacle of success. You cannot think of the motivational journey behind his success. He was an ordinary guy looking out for colleges right after his school. He couldn’t manage to get into the course he wanted to due to low marks. Yet he chose to not give up and started his graduation with Bachelors’ of Performing Arts from Lovely Professional University. He wanted to think big that is why he chose Lovely Professional University. He used to attend classes from 9 to 5 and work on his acting skills afterward. He mentioned that one should stay consistent and explore more. He could have easily gone home and chilled after that but he remained hungry for learning and kept his efforts going.

He started to see results with his achievements consisting of 4 National AIU certificates, gold medal in NMU, Barnala Festival and performances in 25-30 skits on stage. He has played diverse roles in around 200 ‘Nukkad Naataks’ and comedy skits. He is currently doing his Master’s at 100% scholarship provided generously to him by LPU. He has worked in popular television shows like Crime Patrol and web series like Campus Diaries. His upcoming projects are with Netflix. The most inspiring and intriguing thing in his story was that his mother was also a performer and he believes to have inherited his acting skills from her and he admires her for this. He is a decent person who has seen the phases of fame and anonymity. Here are some learnings from him:

  • Consistency in efforts can beat any talent.
  • Underestimating oneself takes away the opportunity striking at your door.
  • There shouldn’t be an ego in work. 
  • Open mindset and continuous learning are the way to excellence.

I hope you also draw out some inspiration from him as I did.