For innovation and fathomless creativity, socializing, intellectual breeding, and debates are considered to be essential. But to breathe new life into those ideas, substantial investments & proper finances are required. That is precisely what Lovely Professional University offers you. It not only intellectually culminates innovators but also provides them the necessary resources to back them up. This is probably the reason why Vertos from Lovely Professional University are known to outclass other participants in both international & national level competitions.

Lovely Professional University congratulates proud Verto, Kunwar Sahi, a pupil of the Department of Biomedical Science, for his excellence by securing 2nd position at the ASB Ideathon 2021. He outclassed hundreds of participants with a wide margin from all over India and earned the title & the incentive. Lovely Professional University honors his diligence & his intellectual prowess, as Kunwar Sahi further sets his eyes on conquering more competitions like the Ideathons and make our university proud.

Lovely Professional University is not a place! It’s where our Vertos stand, and they stand gutsy all over the world, winning and making our university proud.

An ideathon is a rapid, rigorous, intellectual breeding event orchestrated to enable younger talents to innovate new solutions and alternative approaches to issues of humankind. Delegates explore relevant alternatives in pairs using creative ideation techniques such as systematic innovation.

Such events entice sections of people engaged in research, such as students, academics, scholars, legislators, columnists, and financiers, to brainstorm on the way to enhance scientific processes. The emphasis is on lifting barriers to research that might fast-track technological advancements by increasing cooperation and transparency while also creating a society where knowledge flows freely.

At Lovely Professional University, anytime you feel like you need new opportunities, you want to get in touch with your higher authorities or your instructors from the Centre for Professional Enhancement & Skill Development. All you need to do is just ask they might open up gateways you could have never imagined!