The first International Conference for Pure Science (ICPS 2021) was conducted virtually at College of Science, University of Diyala, Iraq on May 26-27, 2021 for the Scientists, Faculties, Research Scholars, and Students during this COVID-19 Lockdown period to enhance the knowledge on recent developments in the field of Pure Science. Our esteemed Associate Professor, Dr. Ravichandran, Department of Chemistry, School of Mechanical Engineering participated in this international conference as a keynote speaker.

ICPS 2021 is an international conference that brings together a diverse community of leading researchers in the field of Pure Science. Scholars from divergent nation-states like the USA, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, Japan, Romania, and other parts of the globe participated in this virtual event.

Dr. Ravichandran during his keynote address highlighted the twelve basic green chemistry principles and their importance for sustainable development. A broad spectrum of topics and areas of research were covered in parallel sessions. Attendees were given the opportunities to discuss with brilliant scientists and researchers across the globe to come up with new interdisciplinary proposals for the welfare of mankind.