Top fashion magazine ‘Trend Talk’ of world renowned ‘Colorbar Cosmetics’ has declared six students of B Design & M Design programs of the School of Fashion at Lovely Professional University (LPU) as “upcoming fashion icons”. All of these students are covered explicitly in its volume-7 on four pages-, 11 to 14, along with pictures of their colourful ensembles. LPU’s these innovative students are covered for showcasing their unique approaches in creating ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable fashion.

LPU Chancellor Mr Ashok Mittal congratulated the fashion students for their research work on ‘sustainability’, and held it as an incredibly iconic performance even during the pandemic days.

LPU Students of Fashion Design declared as Fashion Icons

Editor of the magazine Ramila Thingbaijam shares: “The concept of sustainability is getting much needed attention in recent years. Majority of people in the world want to live in a better world and leave it as a much better place for others to live next to them. In fashion also, it is the ability to maintain an ecological balance and meet our needs without depleting the natural reserve to be used tomorrow.”

Explaining about the ensemble “an ode to exuberance” designed by B.Design (Fashion) students, Adarsh Konchanda and Lavkesh, it is quoted as to “celebrate the enthusiasm of rich cultural heritage of God’s own Kerala state”. It has been inspired from 800 years-old mystic art form-‘Theyyam’. The students have created ‘Midi” dress made of Aloe-vera fabric with hand-embroidered floral motifs. Along with,  there is a tailored jacket made of recycled denim with hand-embroidered ‘Theyyam’ cultured face masks.

LPU Students of Fashion Design declared as Fashion Icons

Other two ensembles elucidated in the magazine are ‘Countryside Living’ and ‘Reveal’ which are created by M Design Fashion students Harshita Roy, Loveleen Kaur, Pratibha Saini, and Shobhit Sharma. The first collection celebrates the charm of countryside life, where natural-dyeing techniques are explored. Here, recycled viscose cotton is used. ‘Reveal’ ensemble employs a creative thinking approach to fabricate innovative surfaces using old X-ray films on a recycled polyester curtain.

The collections are also photographed by LPU’s B Design student Maneesh T R with assistance from model, again an LPU B Design student, Tenzin. All of them were mentored by Assistant Professor Akash Rathour at the School, under the guidance of HoD, Dean Prof Bhaskar Mitra. Here, the whole endeavour is to create ‘pure sustainable fashion’ by using innovative produce, plus eco-friendly and recyclable things.

Noteworthy, the magazine ‘Trend Talk’ is owned by world renowned Indian beauty brand- Colorbar,  which provides the best and most innovative products in the world, through its nearly 100 standalone stores and 1500 shops in shops.