Devanagari Calligraphy can be used to inscribe religious texts, write personal letters, and create works of art. Brush Calligraphy is performed with a brush pen or a traditional brush. Each letter is written with heavy pressure on the downward stroke and light pressure on the upward stroke, to learn these skills a Short Term Course on Devanagari Calligraphy with Brush Pen was scheduled by Human Resource Development Center and Department of Fine Arts w.e.f. Feb13-18, 2023, aimed at developing the understanding and skill of basic strokes of the Devanagari script, letters decoration of the Devanagari script, working on different  tools and techniques of brush pen calligraphy of the Devanagari script.

The program convener Dr. Sunaina Ahuja, Professor and Dean and Head-HRDC, LPU in her inaugural address emphasized that the Calligraphy has a rich history as one of the first forms of the written word. Its importance spans across cultures, as it was relied upon for centuries to impart the information contained within letters, documents, books and more before the advent of the printing press. She also mentioned that Calligraphy stimulates neuronal activity, helping us to develop a broader vocabulary and write texts that are more comprehensive. Our haptic perception becomes more acute, increasing the tactile experiences we lose when typing on mobile and electronic devices.

Prof. (Dr.) Ahuja congratulated the program coordinators Dr. Savita Gupta, Professor and Head-Department of Faculty Development-HRDC,LPU and Dr. Rohita Sharma ,Associate Professor & HOD-Department of  Fine Arts, LPU for coordinating the workshop and maintaining great connect with the participants and Resource Panel.

The program was conducted by seasoned Subject Matter Experts Dr. Rohita Sharma ,Associate Professor & HOD-Department of  Fine Arts, LPU  and Mr. Pradeep Chauhan, Assistant Professor, Department of   Fine Arts, LPU who deliberated on Calligraphy with different Strokes, hand on  practice of basic strokes of Devanagari calligraphy, basic structure and advanced Devanagari Calligraphy variation, brush lettering for beginners and basic strokes and use of Brush pen for Modern Calligraphy.

In the valedictory address, the program convener Dr. Pavitar Parkash Singh, Professor and Dean and HOS- School of Humanities, Lovely Professional University emphasized that the Short Term Courses organized as outreach training programs are envisioned to upskill participants of Lovely Professional University and public at large and this course was successful in meeting the said objectives. He also acknowledged the valuable contribution of the intellectual capital and appreciated the organizing team for organizing a meaningful STC, successful in meeting participants’ expectations.

The Coordinator of the program Dr. Savita Gupta, Professor and Head–Department of Faculty Development, Human Resource Development Center, Lovely Professional University presented the Program Report by sharing the ‘THINK BIG’ vision of Lovely Professional University which empowered them to organize the Short Term Course on and congratulated the participants for successful completion of the program.

The course intonated with the closing remarks of Course Coordinator Dr. Rohita Sharma, she thanked the resource panel, course conveners and the participants and acknowledged the efforts of the Organizing Committee.

Feedback was solicited from the participants in response to which they appreciated the gesture shown by the LPU-HRDC in terms of choice of Subject Matter Experts and curriculum framed to make us clear about the Devanagari Calligraphy with Brush Pen.