“A single question can be more influential than a thousand statements.” ~ Bo Bennett

In today’s eternally changing world, the opportunities are numerous, and the challenges are equally diverse and gruesome. The pre-technology era was quite simpler and linear, but this new world has given the rise to much more complex lifestyles. Therefore, it becomes essential to keep learning throughout your life to be able to cope with these constant changes. The people who are the pioneers in their respective fields spend most of their time learning skills and developing their mindset to align with the need of the hour. The most influential beings in this universe have learned to evolve according to the environment and that is true for the human species as well. People like Elon Musk who have potential to influence the whole world are determined to give new directions to the course of humanity.

Youth is also the carrier of the community which incorporates innovation and discovers new ways of living. The students seek learning opportunities about the world. For one such endeavor, competitions like MUNs get organized time and again to give direction to the youth of the world about the political and administrative concerns. MUN is Model United Nations which is an academic simulation where the students pose as the delegates of different countries and collaborate and discuss and solve real world problems. It has proved to be a life-changing experience for students for decades. This format of brainstorming enables plethora of skills in a student and helps them out in their holistic development.

The LPU MCA student Yogesh has become Top Performer at International Model United Nations 2022. Yogesh represented India at a ‘global’ level and interacted with other delegates representing other countries. He researched the allocated countries in-depth, analyzed their foreign policies, understood and considered what factors influence a country’s behaviour at the international level.

This is a remarkable achievement by the verto. He evidently portrayed skills that are so rare to be possessed by one person as a whole. We give Yogesh our best wishes for his future endeavors.