The British left us a lot of things, railways, infrastructure, schools, and not to mention the supposed gentleman’s game cricket, but little did they know this sport would soon rise and become a second religion to everyone in the country. But before cricket ensnared our hearts, there used to be a sport that bought folks together Kabaddi, an honest Indian sport!

In the 20th century, what felt like an epilogue to an out of the ark sport, turned out to be the polar opposite; the introduction of the Indian Premier League (IPL) ensured cricket would hit stardom, and no other sport could compete with it in terms of fame, money, etc., but it also left an elbow room big enough for other sports to replicate the same. With sponsors, government initiatives, and a rising number of competitions at a student level, over the past few years, the game gained traction and became an instant sensation among the younger community. 

One such revered competition is the All India Inter University Kabaddi Championship! It is a matter of immense pride that Lovely Professional University’s Men’s Kabaddi Team has won the Bronze Medal in the All India Inter-University Kabaddi Championship. Lovely Professional University pays the highest emphasis on student participation in various indoor and outdoor games. Vertos are encouraged to participate in divergent sports starting from Wrestling, Relay Racing, Hockey, Javelin Throw, High Jump, and even Baseball.

And it doesn’t end there, due to their indulgences in extracurricular and co-curricular activities, many Vertos end up developing a knack for it, which has resulted in unparalleled glory! The emphasis is on the mass participation of Vertos, turning leisure time into something productive and probably a step towards a healthy lifestyle. Lovely Professional University congratulates all the athletes and wishes them luck in their future endeavours.