The Technovation Summit 2021, an initiative by LPU’s student organisation Oasis, has begun where industry experts from different companies like Coding Ninjas, PrepBytes, Board Infinity, etc. are invited to share their knowledge and experience with Vertos.

Day 1 of the Technovation Summit marked the presence of Ms. Mamta Kumari, Co-founder of PrepBytes. She has worked as a Software Developer at Amazon and as an Android Developer at Samsung India. She talked about How to prepare for Competitive Coding and Hackathons.

If you missed the LIVE session of Technovation Summit 2021, below are the crucial points of discussion:

What is the importance of competitive coding? Why one needs to do it?

  • Competitive coding helps in improving your problem-solving ability which is of utmost necessity for joining any FAANG company.
  • If you aspire to be a Software Developer, then you need to work more on your problem-solving skills.
  • Projects help in growth. So as a student, you should be involved in at least 2 or 3 projects.

Does the ranking in different competitive coding platforms help in grabbing a placement?

  • Yes, practicing and grabbing good rankings on different coding platforms enable you to know about your strength and weakness. These rankings work as proof of your problem-solving ability for the interviewers. It even lets them know about your determination and hard work.
  • Though competitive coding is not mandatory, it is considered a better option.

How important are hackathons? How do companies see them?

  • Hackathons help in personal growth. You do not need to participate in every hackathon. But you need to participate in a few and make sure that you build your projects entirely.
  • During hackathons, you learn more about web development and a little more about the use of different libraries. 

When to start coding?

  • Now! You have to start now. Start your journey by learning some programming languages, later on, you can dive directly into algorithms. Move slowly but consistently. And don’t forget to take part in coding competitions. It will help you in testing your knowledge and the clarity of your concept. 

What if someone is not confident with their skills but wishes to get into a reputed MNC?

  • Remember that confidence is directly proportional to hard work and practice. Keep on putting in your efforts. When you feel demotivated, sleep and get up with more enthusiasm and zero regret.
  • Some people get results late even after working rigorously. So they need to have patience and don’t need to judge themselves. They should give the chance of judgment to the company. 

What is an ideal college journey?

  • People need to work on one thing at a time and take less pressure. Starting the journey earlier can be a better choice.
  • Make use of your time judiciously.

Later on, Ms. Kumari talked about her company PreBytes, the Omega Fest, and how this fest helps students to be a part of various coding competitions and hackathons.

Towards the end of the session, she expressed her gratitude to Lovely Professional University and Oasis for taking such an initiative for guiding the students. She wished all the vertos for a successful career ahead.