“2020 has been a tough pill to swallow in more ways than one. I wish that the gleaming diyas and the holy chants fill your life with happiness and prosperity forever.”

Happy Diwali!!

Starting with warm wishes for this festive season, though virtually, let me pour in my insights on the occasion of the festival of lights. 

It’s not been more than a year, as far as I can recall, when, during this time we could see people traveling all around, students making plans, elders awaiting their children, traders longing for the prospering business, employees awaiting their leaves, roads, public transports full of population, and happiness spread all around the atmosphere. The markets decorated with lights, streets packed with the sound of crackers, homes filled with the sweetness of a variety of cuisines. Every other person we could see had a spark in the eyes, shine on the face, and the joy of celebrating the festival with their loved ones.

But today, if I see around, the markets are empty, the streets are isolated, people confined into their homes, and predominates a smell of fear more than happiness in the air, fear of contracting with the C-Virus, fear of losing a loved one, fear of the prevailing conditions. 

And talking of celebrations amid such conditions seems ironic!! Isn’t it?

Yes, it is! But we all know that life doesn’t stop, and this is not the end of life. It’s just a halt and a new beginning for change, the beginning of the ‘New Normal.’

Now that it’s almost Diwali, it’s high time that we unlock the new normal and adapt ourselves to it. Yes, the ‘New Normal,’ where we all are together, by not being together, where we are happy and safe in our homes, where there is no pollution, where there is no noise, where there is no harm caused to the environment, and where we are getting connected back to the roots of our family. This new normal is the one that humans have always longed for but never achieved. This time, though the conditions have been punishing, why to worsen them? Why not adapt to this new normal that has come as a boon for society. 

At this point, I feel proud that I am part of the Lovely Professional University, whose Counseling & Happiness Cell, YourDOST Team, and other Student Organizations with their transcendent efforts have motivated thousands of Vertos to adapt to the new normal. 

This festive season let’s pledge & unlock the journey of this ‘New Normal’ with LPU by following a few simple steps and see the chain of wellness and happiness increase. 

  • Stay connected in the zone of disconnection. 

Counseling & Happiness Cell and YourDOST Team of LPU shares an alluring message, that this is the perfect time to brighten up not just your outer surroundings but even your mind and heart with happiness by celebrating the bond with the family. Prioritizing them and spending more time with your loved ones. 

  • Be a ‘Bade Dilwala’ this Diwali.

We will be happy when the people around us are happy. So, be a part of the ‘Bade Dil Wale’ campaign, initiated by LPU-National Service Scheme under the aegis of Community Service Cell, DSW, to help the destitute and needy people. Do your bit under the various activities listed in the campaign and enjoy the real essence of happiness. The happiness that comes when you see a smile on someone’s face. 

  • Stay together by not being together.

This Diwali, connect virtually & celebrate the festival of lights by staying at home, maintain social distancing, to save the world from the C-Virus attack. LPU is also helping students enjoy and override the lockdown boredom while being at home by organizing a series of online events like Magnitude, Spectra, Live interactions with celebrities

  • Say No to Crackers, take the #IPlantToSaveEarth Challenge. 

This year celebrate a green Diwali by taking the #IPlantToSaveEarth Challenge, initiated by the Mittal School of Business, LPU, in association with Sonalika CSR. Say no to crackers and plant a tree for the future. 

Let’s celebrate the festival in the true sense by spreading joy and light up the world of others.

Have a happy, safe, and blessed Diwali!