The festive season is around with the major festivals arriving, the energy and vibes have been subdued by the pandemic created. As the Navratri/ Durga Pooja has already left the corner, we have witnessed mass gatherings for the nine days and also on the day of Dusshera. Though the government has issued various guidelines and rules to be followed, the excitement of celebration might make us skip them. In such a situation, it is important to remember the basic safety measures and they should compulsorily be followed.

For many, the months of October and November are described to be the best time of the year and of course, why not? Especially, when it is the time of visiting your families, celebrating and spending time with them; eat, roam and enjoy with your close ones! Despite this period of immense joy, it is quite necessary to take care of your health like every year; this year, a bit more.

Here are some ways to stay safe and celebrate this Diwali without compromising your health:

Follow all the precautions

Heedless of the heavy warnings issued every day reminding of the threat the virus poses and all the essential precautions, people tend to slip and be careless when it comes to obeying them. Listed multiple times, the primary precautions include wearing masks and sanitizing or washing hands at regular intervals.

Avoid sanitizers near fire

As learned people, we know the composition of sanitizers is majorly alcohol and alcohol with fire is not something you’ll like to witness. So, avoid using sanitizers when you are lighting up candles, lamps or crackers (it would be better if you avoid burning crackers and contribute a little towards saving the environment!). Instead, use soap, handwash or soap paper with water to clean your hands which are a lot better and safer options than sanitizers.

Don’t ignore any symptoms and avoid unnecessary assumptions

As the symptoms are varying with the disease, they might not be the most reliable ones. Even if many remain asymptomatic, the slightest of the flu symptoms must not be ignored whether it’s a mild fever or a cold/cough. Many people assume that they are not going to fall sick leading to carelessness and mishandling of the dos and don’ts of the disease. Various people have also recovered from it but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of re-infection which isn’t common but also not impossible.

Greeting and eating

Avoid shaking hands and rely on joining hands and greeting from a distance. The traditional methods of greeting during this festive season can be worthy, keeping in mind the rapid growth of the virus. Even if there isn’t any proof of the virus spreading from cooked food, it’s better if you refrain from eating outside as they can also take a toll on your health apart from the risk of infection. Follow the simple rules and regulations, keep your family and yourself safe and enjoy this festive season with joy and happiness!