Well, we are no strangers to the fact that Vertos from the Lovely Professional University’s Department of Computer Science & Engineering are no less than legends in their domains. It’s quite obvious as it’s the pinnacle of higher education in India, and its Department of Engineering is ranked #9th best institute in India. So, here goes the tale of another triumphant Verto.

Felicitations to Lovely Professional University student Suraj Mani, B. Tech (CSE), pupil to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, has been designated as the Community Lead to usher the Google Developer Student Club – Lovely Professional University. Furthermore, he was also designated as the Google Cloud Career Readiness Student Mentor!

The Google Developer Student Club is purely a self-taught & self-funded initiative, with Google facilitating access to online presentations and training courses.

As the Google Community Lead, Suraj Mani will be in charge of instituting a club at Lovely Professional University, recruiting promising members, orchestrating seminars, overseeing and administrating the club for the academic year. The community is centered around delivering workshops on innovations at Google like cloud technologiesartificial intelligence (AI)machine learning (ML) to students irrespective of their academic background. To culminate a learning environment and steer forward students to address local business & community concerns with technology-based solutions. The Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) aims to facilitate students a platform to connect, learn, and grow.

Lovely Professional University is home to innumerable, self-taught prodigies who have flaunted their talents in this lockdown and is proud to facilitate them the resources and expertise so that they can achieve their desired goals. And we are certain that prodigies at Lovely Professional University shall continue to rise and beat our records! With that being said, the Lovely Professional University family wholeheartedly congratulates Suraj Mani and wishes him luck in his future endeavors!