The risk of side effects persists with all vaccines. However, the odds are relatively higher with these new coronavirus vaccines. Most people experience discomfort at the site of administration or exhaustion after taking a jab. Outlandish enough, these shots can have more side effects compared to any other vaccine (For instance, chickenpox, measles, etc.), and we are not used to it, which might be distressing. But, studies claim that this is really a positive sign.

For instance, you know that the common cold is caused by Rhinovirus. So, when you catch a common cold, you feel exhausted, develop fever, continuous tremors, etc. Is it the virus causing these effects? No! It’s your immune system fighting off the virus, and in return producing such reactions.

Similar is the tale of a coronavirus vaccine. You won’t get COVID-19 by taking a vaccine! However, they train your body how to fend the virus! So, if you are getting side effects such as pain, distress, and exhaustion, it’s actually a good sign! It assures you that the vaccine worked, and you now possess some degree of protection against the virus.

Why side effects after getting coronavirus vaccine jab could be a good sign!

So, what are the side effects you can expect?

One can expect localized soreness & pain in the arm you took the jab, moderate fever, rising temperature, headache, tremors, rashes. All these side effects usually resolve within a day or two after vaccination.

Are, the reaction to the second dose worse?

Yes! It’s because after you got the first jab, your immune system’s memory cells (B lymphocytes) are primed to respond more rapidly and intensely when they confront an intruder a second time, either through natural infections or by vaccination antigens. This identification generally results in the widespread synthesis of cytokines that cause muscular pains, fevers, tremors, and tiredness.

The flipside is that the second dose works as a boost which should lead to a more potent and long-term immunological protection against the coronavirus.

Do you need to bother about these side effects?

No! Side effects are bothersome but are typically short-lived, far less dangerous than what a natural illness inflicts upon you. Before they are issued, vaccines are thoroughly evaluated for safety and efficacy. Vaccines are carefully scrutinized and monitored by post-marketing surveillance systems for abnormal immune responses, which are too scarce to be picked on in clinical trials.

Why side effects after getting coronavirus vaccine jab could be a good sign!

What to do if you are vaccinated?

Encourage others to take the vaccine and upload your vaccination status on the UMS at the earliest. Here’s the pathway for you: UMS Navigation — Examination system — Student Vaccination Status.