Lovely Professional University’s Verto Sam Williams from the School of Chemical Engineering and Physical Sciences is setting new standards. He is becoming an overnight sensation while being awarded a scholarship of 57,000 USD (INR 41,93,061.5 approx.) per year for his Ph.D. at Wayne State University, one of Detroit’s top public research universities, United States.

When it comes to Ph.D.’s, Wayne State University is one of the most selective varsities in the United States, with an acceptance rate of just 12.2 %. It might seem like an intimidating figure, but the profile’s intensity has a lot to do with whether the chance of acceptance is dramatically increased or diminished.

There’s a lot of advice on how to get admitted into top foreign varsities, but hardly anything is worth the salt. Perhaps the odds of getting an acceptance from your dream varsity might also be reduced. But the students at LPU don’t have to go through all of it.

Lovely Professional University is a varsity with global connections and works with the world’s leading varsities to bring students a genuinely international experience. Over the years, LPU has introduced several study abroad programs with partner universities like credit transfer program, semester exchange program, summer/winter school program, and the master’s abroad program, that allows Vertos to become successful in a highly competitive world. LPU has links with 150+ top universities worldwide, including prominent ones like the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Illinois Institute of Technology, and the Kent State University, etc.

It’s all about removing the barriers to education and prosperity. LPU’s brilliant international educational opportunities allow an ever-growing number of Vertos to achieve tremendous success in their careers. The Division of International Affairs at LPU assists students in selecting an international curriculum that exceeds their expectations and helps them achieve their life goals.