“Jis Se Mohabaat karte ho, Us Se Shadi Karlo

Na Ho to Jis Se Shadi Ho Gai, Uss Se Mohabbat Chalu Kar Do”

Prafull Billore

Prafull Billore, founder of MBA Chai Wala, visited Lovely Professional University (LPU) and inspired the students to make something big out of their life. The session called as “Kadak Chai” was organized by Wissen organization under the aegis of Student Welfare Wing, LPU. It was one of the most relevant and interactive speakers’ session with one of the most inspirational entrepreneur in India.

The session started with Mr. Prafull Billore reminiscing his journey and the challenges in his entrepreneurial journey. He had a business mindset from early days. He has been aware of the financial conditions and was mature enough to help out his family and learn a lot of things in the journey. There was a unique intent to inspire people along with selling tea behind MBA Chai Wala. He emphasized on the fact that patience in the youth is more important than anything for their ventures to be successful.

One of the most important things that can stop you from reaching your goals is the input you put in the form of time and efforts. Mr Prafull Billore marks 3-4 years as an average time for you to know if you are doing the right thing. By quoting scriptures and his life, he mentioned that there is no way you can get away from working throughout the day. There is a lot of fear related to work and discomfort. He said the attitude and ego should be kept aside while marketing yourself or interacting with anyone in life. Ego kills progress and comfort prevents success.

The series of decisions we take throughout our life affect us to infinite lengths. It takes courage to decide to follow the passion and go against the constructs of society. Entrepreneurship is one such journey that requires a lot of courage to pursue and usually takes you to an enriching experience. The real entrepreneurs are the ones who take upon the task to help someone out and as a consequence of which provide value to others’ life and get money in the process. All the things Mr Prafull Billore told were from his own experiences which helped him become what he is today.