Lovely Professional University’s Vertos from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering have a long-drawn history of achieving academic excellence and sterling placements at the most influential & ambitious multinational corporations in India & abroad.

Our Vertos are neoterics in bailiwicks of Computer Science & Engineering and are delivering on the battlefronts, clinching the world’s desideratum for intellectually superior software development engineers with an almighty impact on the human race.

Afresh, Lovely Professional University has placed one of its jewels from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering with a super dream CTC at Commvault, a publicly-traded data protection & data management software company headquartered in Tinton Falls, New Jersey, USA. Tanay Sharma, IBM Certified Data Science Professional, CodeForces Specialist, a pupil of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, and a proud Verto, was bestowed upon this opportunity via campus drives.

Underneath the prosperity of our Vertos sprawls years of joint efforts, networking, nurturing environment, and encouraging culture. We intend to walk alongside our Vertos in a globalized economy. Lovely Professional University commits itself to provide its Vertos with a strong command over fundamentals and an extensive web of alumni working across the globe, obligatory to thrive in an ever-competitive economy.

At Lovely Professional University, we believe in unwaveringly reinforcing our Vertos throughout their journey in their areas of expertise and help them attain their peak potential. The Department of Computer Science & Engineering is one of the most accomplished and esteemed departments on the Lovely Professional University campus. Alongside, that our professors, students, scholars, and alumni are integral to our ascendancies.

Lovely Professional University promises Vertos the opportunity to indulge in advanced interdisciplinary initiatives that give them practical expertise sought by the industrial sector. There are also 160+ societies on-campus those empowers Vertos to build enchanting personas. In light of the ongoing coronavirus sitch, it’s not just our students who work their bones off! Our instructors from the Centre for Professional Enhancement work teeth & nails to prepare Vertos for the race and present them with the class of opportunities they deserve.