Ms. Jaya Kishori Ji, proverbial Indian maestro, spiritual demagogue, and life coach famed for her motivational talk sessions and saintly religious albums, popularly known as “Kishori Ji” and “the Meera of the Modern Era.” She blessed Vertos & the entire Lovely Professional University community with her mesmerizing presence on the 13th of June, 2021 on the Lovely Professional University’s official Instagram handle through an online inspirational talk show organized by the student organization Oasis, under the aegis of the Division of Student Welfare.

Thrilled by the warm welcome, thoughtful expressions, and hospitality of Head & Additional Dean Dr. Sorabh Lakhanpal sir, the session began with Kishori Ji elaborating about her motivation to transform our society into a better place. In those courteous words, she meant it’s okay to have an outpouring level of motivation one day & truncated levels on the other day, but what’s paramount is the impetus that gets you going! It’s indispensable to work relentlessly to achieve your goals, but it’s also crucial to take breaks & treat yourself! One other way to stay motivated is to look for something good in everybody and try to implement those goodnesses in your life.

Although she is an inspiration to many people, she named a few great personalities that she idolizes, like the great Indian monk Swami Vivekananda; her Superhero her father; the majestic Hindu scripture the Bhagavad Gita.

Kishori Ji elaborated, what’s missing in today’s youth is consistency!

We want to accomplish everything in the wink of an eye! We are so used to instant feedback from our gadgets that we fail to exhibit consistency & perseverance. We must acknowledge the great minds who worked relentlessly for decades before achieving success & recognition. If we analyze the lives of successful personalities like Albert Einstein, Lord Shri Krishna, their lives were brimmed with sorrow & melancholy. So, if you fail just after trying for 2-3 years, try again! Persistence is the key!

Amidst the talk, upon requests by the audience mesmerized by her words, she beautifully sang a few bhajans with her euphonious voice!

Inspirational Talk Show with spiritual orator Ms. Jaya Kishori Ji

Sorabh sir stated that we often tend to compare ourselves with others, but in the end, the comparison ends in disappointment only! Kishori Ji gave us a few tips to keep our emotions in check! So we don’t compare ourselves and end up in disappointment. The key to self-worth is valuing yourself & focusing on yourself. If we value ourselves, we won’t be demeaning ourselves by comparing to others, and when we focus on ourselves, we will be indulged in improving ourselves to such an extent that we won’t have to compare with others. You are your biggest competition! Your goal should be to be better than yesterday! She narrated a few short stories and gave us some divine preachings on honesty and integrity. Her preachings were sublime!

Later during the session, she beautifully correlated religion & spirituality using instances like when we start Shrimad Bhagavad Gita; We say “Satyam Param Dhi Mahi,” which means truth is always on the top. It’s just in the contemporary world; we are teaching the same principles in the name of spirituality!

Her message to youth, if we use our intellect to the fullest, we can do wonders. But the world has already gone way south! The common phrase “my life! my rules!” didn’t actually mean “it’s my life, I’ll do whatever I want to! I don’t care about society or anybody!”, instead it meant, you should care about everybody! We should combine the teachings of our ancestors and infuse them with our own creativity, which will lead us to a path full of wonders. 

In those kind words, the wise lady signed off!