Vertos from Lovely Professional University are coveted and tend are to be parted evenly between those coveting employment opportunities under academic settings and those seeking job opportunities in the industry. Graduates of our flagship Engineering program take the apex designations at the premium technical & management institutions where they prevail to augment enlivening academic and scholarly works.

LPU Vertos chose to work with some of the finest and perhaps most forward-thinking corporations that use industrial innovation, analytics, in-house research, data science to put out worth shredding cutting-edge technologies.

Eight of the most accomplished Vertos contrived to bag in gazillions for themselves at Infineon Technologies. This German semiconductor manufacturing megacorporation is among the top ten largest semiconductor manufacturers across the globe. The Vertos who are now interning at Infineon with packages worth up to 13.75 LPA are Ankur Singh, Ashish Kumar Singh, Ashutosh Bajpai, Pranav Singh, Swaraj Badhei, Tamanna Sharma, Vaibhav Prateek, and Yash Rajan.

With that, Vertos at LPU continue to ace the placements and steer forward the legacy of phenomenal placements. While many institutions have been struggling to get their students placed, the exemplary efforts, will of fire of the management, and the Division of Career Services in evincing the virtual placement drive indemnified a pristine completion.

LPU is setting new standards raising the bar in technical education, flashing a trail for others. It’s not just final placements that have prop LPU ahead in the game. LPU’s industry-centric curriculum, which over the years has craved zealous engineer, proving themselves in the industry.

Trailblazing technologies and a dynamically evolving economy are both revolutionizing the way businesses operate. It’s driving employers to search for candidates who can deal with ambiguity, have a broader outlook, and are pioneers rather than mere executives. As a result, administrators at the university are reinventing their programs and trying out new modus operandi of dissemination.

As elective alternatives evolve each year, changing the course framework is a continuous cycle. Every few years, a comprehensive curriculum assessment, performed to keep the core competencies & courses up to date. In essence, each year, 20% of the curriculum material is fresh. These enhancements to the curriculum are deliberate attempts by the LPU to ensure Vertos are abreast above the industry bents.