LPU Alumni Association Bengaluru made LPU proud by their noble initiative of setting up a drinking-water steel storage tank and donating necessary modern computer equipment to Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind (SRMAB), Bengaluru. It’s true that money can’t buy happiness, but this small initiative by LPUAA Bengaluru made the lives of those students better by giving them easier access to water and computers.

Shree Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind (SRMAB) is an organization in Bengaluru that provides opportunities to thousands of visually impaired children to live a normal life.  They aid the children by helping them study like normal children and also encourage them to take part in co-curricular activities. The academy campus houses 140 children without taking any fees and provides them with full boarding facility.

While the academy strives to provide all basic facilities to the students. Due to lack of funds, the students only had access to a limited number of textbooks and could not benefit from computer and internet because of outdated computer labs. The students had to stand in long queues for drinking water as there was only limited water supply. The members of LPUAA Bengaluru with the help of LPU fraternity raised the sum required to install a drinking-water storage steel tank and accessories for the computer lab at the academy.

This initiative of LPUAA Bengaluru, “Echoes of Freedom”, was a celebration of the Independence Day in its truest sense by helping the young and needy children of this country. This will indeed help them get better access to knowledge and also simplify their daily life, taking them a step further towards becoming self-reliant citizens of society. The volunteers of this noble intiative were LPU Alumni, Syed Burhanuldin Byhaqi, Sharmili Ghosh, Shivika Goel, Syed Adnan, Honey Sagar, Himanchal Singh, Monika Pathania and, Ankit KV.