As this year’s placement season advances towards a perfect end, the Vertos at the Mittal School of Business continues to steer forward the decade-long legacy that their seniors have left behind! It’s not far from rhetorical while elite institutions lock horns with recruiters to tackle the plunging annual packages. At Lovely Professional University’s Mittal School of Business, the annual packages could have never been better!

This year Lovely Professional University witnessed spectacular placements with big giants like Amazon, PlaySimple Games, Informatica, Infineon Technologies, Lowe’s participating in the recruitment process.

Similar goes the tale of two Vertos! Afresh, the Mittal School of Business has placed two of its prodigies Aishwarya Murthy (MBA) and Sukanya Chatterjee (MBA Business Analytics), at Optmyzr, Inc. with a picturesque annual super dream CTC of 17.25+ LPA! Founded by former visionaries at Google, Optmyzr assists advanced marketers to achieve excellence in their pay-per-click operations. The SaaS-based system’s ingenuity, power, and innovation automate critical processes and enhance PPC professional’s capabilities and relevance in the era of digital marketing.

Lovely Professional University’s MBA curriculum is crafted to perfection with inputs by the recruiters and corporate leaders having decades of experience, which is why Vertos are talked about and sought-after in the industry. Vertos at Mittal School of Business are trained by expert mentors to dig out intrinsic insights that enable them to keep up with the employer’s expectations.

Business programs at Mittal School of Business are constantly re-structured to make Vertos industry ready and academically on-par with students from top IIMs. The world’s picking up the pace, and that’s always the case! Nothing stands still! At Lovely Professional University, we acknowledge that the world’s going through tough times, confronted by demands of accelerated advancements in technology, increased globalization of assets, and the need to foster economic development that gives humanity more well-being. At Mittal School of Business, our MBA graduates address the issues that corporates encounter and provide them the most effective & unorthodox solutions! Lovely Professional University wishes them luck, happiness, and prosperity.