Every year Lovely Professional University orchestrates student exchange and semester abroad programs bestowing prodigies a chance to move overseas to its elite partner universities across the globe. It’s a magnificent shot for Vertos to muster global exposure and a window to anchor their career overseas.

Lovely Professional University’s Verto Sabbir Mrida from the Department of Hotel Management & Tourism is continuing the legacy of Vertos getting into top institutions across the world. He exhibited sterling aptness, and under the credit transfer program, he was awarded a scholarship and a chance to continue his further studies at the University of North Alabama. Founded in 1830, it’s one of the elite and oldest universities in Florence, Alabama, USA.

Sabbir Mridais one of the Vertos pursuing a Bachelor’s in Hotel Management & Catering Technology, which is definitely an intimidating course. Such courses require a great deal of practice and hawkeye for perfection!

The professors at Lovely Professional University are consummate. Being able to instill an abstract concept into a couple of phrases and make students understand the hypothesis on the first try! The Aahaa look that it creates in the eyes of students is exhilarating! That’s why faculties enjoy teaching at Lovely Professional University. Also is probably the reason why Vertos are known as the anecdotes of success across the world.

Vertos at Lovely Professional University are well versed and highly proficient with their subjects. Their skills are highly valued across the world, both in research & the industry. It’s about breaking stereotypes and lifting barriers to education. Lovely Professional University is one of the few Indian universities actively promoting international education among students. Lovely Professional University has extensive international links and MoUs signed with over 150+ universities across the globe. 

University of Pennsylvania (Ivy League USA), Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (Canada), Universita’ degli Studi di Macerata (Italy), South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (USA) are just a few instances where Lovely Professional University actively promoted abroad education. The curriculum at Lovely Professional University is on par with top institutions of the world and is designed by industry leaders and professors having decades of experience.

Lovely Professional University is committed to providing Vertos with the knowledge and expertise they need to supersede in their desired fields, instilling morals, identifying unique talents, and allowing students to reach their maximum potential. Lovely Professional University believes in cultivating scholarly inquisitiveness among its students and casting them into leaders and responsible citizens.

Speaking of it, Lovely Professional University has been a center of excellence for years and successfully revolutionized the education system by instilling competence in its students, empowering them to supersede and make a name for themself in their domain of interest. The legacy of which shall continue for eternity to come!