Non-Violent Communication is a unique mode of communication wherein we create relationships through means of positive attitude, respect, mutual understanding, acceptance, appreciation and compassion. It is precisely the way to connect with the masses by using kind words, generosity and optimism. It is quite important to adopt non-violent communication in life as humans have endangered their lives by heinous activities resulting in natural imbalances. The rise of terrorism, intolerance, dishonesty in public life, the rise of crimes against women and children and pollution in the world are one of the few terrible examples. The only solution to such problems can be found by exploring the ideas envisaged by the Gandhian thoughts, more precisely the nonviolent mode of communication.

There are five pillars of Nonviolent Communication. First is respect. Respect is very important in having positive and fruitful relationships. Before demanding respect, we must learn to give respect and all human beings, natural beings need respect. By respecting the thoughts of another person, we are accepted and therefore more and more sense of belongingness emerges. That gives rise to warmth in the relations. Respect should be given and earned irrespective of class, caste, dimension, countries and community.

Then comes the understanding. Understanding between the beings gives long life to relationships and the progress of thoughts. Understanding the multicultural ways of living gives rise to the openness of mind and soul.

Acceptance is very important for human values to emerge and progress. Be it in personal or professional life, Acceptance through chances and understanding is very vital for the progress of oneself. The noble initiative was taken by Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, New Delhi through the in-depth book thoroughly covers the Gandhian’s way of nonviolent communication, It can be made a pillar to spread the message of peace, Love and humanness.

Violence is not accepted in society as it yields no profits and peace. So, it has to desist. The mode of communication should be very clear to end the conflict. The team, trained in this manner shall be ideal to perform and spread the message of peace and love in society.

About the Author:
Simranjit Singh
Student M.A. Sociology (First Sem)