Much like our varsity seems to do a lot of strategizing and analyzing to develop strategies for figuring out the best plan for next semester and ensuring that we all learn the same and live up to our university’s reputation. We, as proud Vertos, could plan and aim to build a better, fun semester for ourselves. We have the liberty and the capacity to create new ways to connect with our buddies, make new ones, study, and grow professionally.

So, if you’d like to learn more or need to hone some skills, you could find peers who would like to do the same and have the same intentions as you. So, you might want to keep one another responsible for a study plan for your goals.



If you are anxious about making new friends this summer, launch your own WhatsApp or Telegram group and hold as many meetings as you can, engage with your buddies, reckless brainstorming, research, and occasional ice cream treats. Too many students feel like this, so try to be open to connecting! 

Don’t forget to munch on Lovely Professional University’s specialty cuisine, the legendary nugget rice bowl!



Suppose you’re staying at home during the semester and are concerned about not concentrating as much as you would do on campus. You might want to make friends with some folks from your class, plan some Google or Zoom meet-ups to study with buddies. 

Remember to record your meetings!

Future Forward!

If you believe that your CV might thrive with some corporate experience, hop on to the Lovely Professional University’s Alumni Association website and connect with over 74,139 alumni in our network and explore some beautiful possibilities!


Well Being!

If you end up with plenty of time to spare, try investing this time in your fitness and enjoyment.  Spend some more time tickling with your pets, try a new sport, or pick up a foreign language.

Overall mental and physical wellbeing comes first, and if you think you need a rest. Take a while off and relax. Turn off the displays and stroll out, or drink a glass of lemonade, or probably some ice cream. Call someone you haven’t spoken in a while and discover what they’re doing or play some board games with friends and family. Set some targets and priorities for yourself. Fall 2021 will always be different, but it can still be blissful or tantalizing. Who knows? But a topsy-turvy ride is quite a ride.

I think we can still rock a brilliant semester at Lovely Professional University. But really, it goes down to how much effort we pour into planning for a noble semester.

Have fun!