“Marketing takes a day to learn. Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master.”

— Phil Kolter

Marketing is a skill that is prerequisite to each job profile in the world. You would require to present yourself in the best way possible and portray your unique selling proposition. This skill is seldom taught in our traditional schooling. We need to learn it from hit and trial, which isn’t probably the best way to do it.

Amresh Bharti, popularly known as Mahatmaji Technical, is an optimist who believes in the potential of concentrated efforts and collaboration in the community. He has devoted his life to educate the students in their endeavors and teach them the essential life skills required in this digital era.

He has a thinking that this kind of movement can help the community to become lifelong learners leading other people to do otherwise impossible things. He started out as a youtuber on his Youtube channel “Mahatmaji Technical” with a small setup. However, soon, he was able to grow this channel into a 7 million people’s community. He also has an organization named “We make creators” where he teaches all sorts of digital marketing techniques.

Lovely Professional University invited Mahatmaji Technical for a motivational session where he deciphered the world of marketing and unlock the potential of the students. He gave a lot of insights to the students for them to become successful in their career. Some of the highlights include:

  1. You should focus on the work rather than the result.
  2. Worry can kill your productivity so you should stop worrying and start working.
  3. Focus is one of the quivers in your arsenal that can make you a master of any skill.
  4. Marketing is something we do on a daily basis. We need to know how to sell ourselves.
  5. Passive income is the way to become financially independent in life.

The students were elated to see their beloved motivational speaker. The session ended with an inspirational wave amongst the students.