Lovely Professional University has organized a two-day Mental Health Fair on campus to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and well-being among students. The fair aimed to break the stigma and promote a culture of wellness on campus. The event kicked off with an incredible opening ceremony that included an Art Gallery, Open Mic, and an adorable Mascot.

The Art Gallery showcased art pieces that reflected the importance of mental health and well-being. Our vertos expressed their creativity and shared their experiences through art. The Open Mic provided a platform for students to share their stories and experiences with mental health. It was an opportunity for students to speak up about their struggles and find support from their peers.

The adorable Mascot added a fun element to the fair. The Mascot interacted with students, hugged them, took pictures, and spread positivity around the venue. Various workshops, panel discussions, and activities were conducted, focusing on building resilience, coping strategies, and stress management.

This two-day Mental Health Fair has been a remarkable initiative taken by the LPU to raise awareness and promote mental health and well-being among students. It provided our vertos with an opportunity to learn, share, and connect with each other.