Years ago, I attended a literary fest and pitched a story to my favorite editor who I religiously followed. I was still in school that time and I was just so excited that I didn’t think of any formality and ran to him like the kid I was with my idea. He was polite and humble and turned down my idea but motivated me to write more.

Last year I saw him on LinkedIn again and at first, I hesitated but left him a message anyway. I still wanted to work with him and now that was my only chance.

Not only did he remember me, he was looking for writers for the magazine he was working for. Impressed with my LinkedIn profile, he took me up on the project and until today I sometimes write for him as a columnist.  Since the launch of this platform, the web-based domain is proud of representing millions of professionals from every field and has claimed to provide numerous jobs positions.

  1. Start with a killer summary

No matter what, never underestimate this column. Space has been given to you for a reason, to indulge in your creative mind and come up with a reflection of yourself described in a few but perfect lines. Never just write two or three uncanny lines or leave the space blank. It’s the first and foremost step of attracting employers.

  1. Ask for recommendation

How to Make Just The Perfect LinkedIn Profile

This is one of the bold moves you have to pull and by flashing some professional recommendation letters, that job is almost yours! Write a personal email to the person you want to request the letter from and make sure to give them a humble thank you note in return.

  1. Create a Custom Profile Url

Create a custom profile URL and use it to brand yourself on websites, business cards, and resumes. It will look professional and it will make it easy for the employer to assess your qualities for the potential job.

  1. Post Interesting status updates

Don’t just vanish away from LinkedIn just after making a profile. It is important that you keep your feed updated with informative stuff that represents your personal and professional beliefs and ideas. It can be a funny joke or a sad poem, it’s you who they want to know.

  1. Have a decent profile picture

People don’t stress enough on the fact that posing at a party with a drink in hand is not appropriate when you want to get a job. Make sure you are well dressed, groomed and in front of a professional backdrop that’s not too colorful. It’s the first thing everyone sees, the person, and thus it shouldn’t strike them out as odd.

  1. Network. Connect. Network and again, Connect.

According to your interests and follows, you will receive requests from people all around the globe to connect. Don’t shy away from it because this is how you are going to tell people about your skills. LinkedIn will also suggest and recommend you and you yourself can also reach out to people you admire or are familiar with.

It takes time to build a perfect profile, don’t rush, set a day aside when you’ll sit and work on this without any distractions. And trust me, once it gets ready, you will touch new heights of impressive records.