As students we often come across the word internship. Never knowing the reality behind, we think it would get sorted as soon as we get in the university. But now that we are pursuing gradation the struggle turns real. “Internship” – This one word has the power to make or break your CV. Yes without internships too, many have landed in their dream jobs, but having one makes your CV inexplicably stronger. As a student who sending e-mails to every single company out there for internship let me tell you how the internship reality crashed on me.

Finding HR’s email id is one of the hardest things in life

Not all the companies give their HR’s email id in their public contact information. Either the email ID is for basic FAQs or to give you an automatic generated response. Not all are same (I hope), as I am still yet to find one email id which acknowledges that your email has reached HR. You need to call up the call center and request them to give their HR’s mail id so that your dear CV is seen by the concerned person.

“We will get back to you shortly” is corporate worlds saying “YOU ARE OUTRIGHT REJECTED”

Professional and diplomacy is a massive deal in the corporate world. They just cannot get on the wrong side of any potential client through miscommunication. They are polite and tactful with their choice of words and same applies while being rejected. If you ever get a response saying that “We will get back to you shortly” then you can cross it out of your list companies taking you because 95% of the time it means “You are rejected”.  In case, the rest 5% very nice people get back to you and you can thank your lucky stars for that.  

If you are waiting for them to call, keep dreaming

Don’t ever expect that they will call you back after just one mail or them saying that they will get back to you because that is never ever going to happen. For you to land in the internship, YOU have to regularly keep in touch with them either by calls or mails and if fortunate enough – texts too.  

Not all the executives at call centers are polite

If someone ever said you that people working in call centers have to all time deal with angry and abusive customers then they are right but also wrong. Why? Because not all people working in call centers are polite. Even though I talked to some of the nicest people, I also came across people who straightforward cut the phone after brisk response that no one concerned is available even before you can finish your sentence.

They somehow are always hiring interns in every field except yours

Couple of places I applied were hiring interns and for a moment I was on cloud nine but soon fell back to hard crust of earth when they mentioned the name of field which was taking in interns. Somehow till now every field, electronics, Web designing, HR and more are hiring interns but just not my field of expertise. Pretty sure god up there is having a fit of laughter at my expense.

If your call is connected to HR then count it your lucky day.

There should be a new Murphy law that time you call for inquiring about your internship status is ALWAYS the same time when the HR is in meeting. 11:40, 2:15, 4:30 name your time and know that HR is in meeting the very exact moment.

If anywhere you see “HIRING INTERNS” in your designated field then apply ASAP

Reputed companies have very limited openings for interns so if you see any hiring of interns in your dream company then drop everything even if it’s your laundry and mail them straight away. Cause Laundry can wait but the more time you decide to wait the more applications they will be getting from around the globe, hence slimming your chances.

No way should you be expecting that you will get internship without the following 100 calls

If there is any slightest chance that a company might take you in then do not give up and be in touch with them frequently so that you know your internship status. But remember, this isn’t going to happen in magically in a day or so. They might even judge you on your persistency level. Currently I am betting my chances on that.

Hope enjoyed reading the article and found it relatable. Good luck in your hunt for internships.