As soon as we step out of our schools, we tread on to various career prospects. One of the most lucrative fields in the current scenario is the field of Journalism. The aspect of seeing oneself on the television or publishing their work to be seen by millions of people is a dream for many. However to reach the pinnacle of success in the field of journalism, one must possess the following qualities:

  1. Patience- If you are in the field of Journalism, you must be patient. You can’t become Arnab Goswami or Barkha Dutt in just a day. Your work is what becomes your identity.
  2. Ethics- Anything you say or publish is viewed or read by large masses of population. So it becomes your major responsibility to stick to your ethics and not sell yourself for the pursuit of “hot news” or suppress any criminal story.
  3. Flexibility– In the world of Journalism, there is always a stiff competition. So one must be flexible enough to work on various aspects in order to be the first one to get the news or information to the public.
  4. Hardworking- As they say, Rome was not built in a day. It is the same for the field of Journalism. No glamour comes without the hard work paid off with one’s sweat and blood.
  5. Persistent– In the pursuit of a Journalistic career, one must be persistent so as to get the best and most out of any subject. A true journalist stays persistent with his/her story until and unless he/she gets the complete package.
  6. Alertness- One must be on the tip of their toes every time. Alertness goes a long way in boosting one’s journalistic career. A good journalist is a watchdog for the society that can sniff out news and can push the society on a better path.
  7. Unbiased– Unbiased Journalism is considered to be one of the best forms of Journalism. The essence of Journalism gets lost when we start presenting biased news to the public as it often turns out to be misleading.
  8. Updated with information– One must be constantly informed about the latest happenings in and around his/her location or area of interest. A good journalist is the one who is considered to be a walking encyclopedia as they are the light bearers of the society.
  9. Accuracy– One must be precise and accurate with the information one presents. A single piece of faulty information can lead to catastrophic results.
  10. Punctuality- A true journalist is always punctual. The entire concept of journalism revolves around timeliness and deadlines because of which punctuality goes a long way in determining how good the journalist is.