First of all, welcome Linas! I am ecstatic to know that you have decided to join an exchange program for a semester at Lovely Professional University (LPU). I hope you have a very delightful and productive time at LPU.

Linas Tavaras from Lithuania, Europe a fourth-year student of South Asian Studies has reached Lovely Professional University under a student exchange program to explore LPU’s incredible education system and fascinating cultural diversity. In Tuesday testimonial Linas shared his impression of India and is ready to immerse himself in a new academic setting.

In awe of India’s rich culture and heritage, food and cuisines, local people and education system, Linas is pursuing two different pieces of research related to drug history, culture, and harm reduction in Madhya Pradesh and Punjab. Talking further he mentioned that he is geared up to explore extensively all the educational, social, and local aspects of the life of a student at Lovely Professional University and ordinary Indian citizen.

While talking about the biggest difference between his country and India is the food but thanks to his ability to tolerate too many spices and explore food with new spice and herb combinations, he enjoys the experience. In addition to the education supplied by LPU, he discusses how he is drawn to the opportunity to see how people from different countries share experiences, ideas, and opinions, learn about diverse cultures, and live with one another.

With his interests inclining towards sociology and anthropology, currently, he is studying a mixed program that consists mostly of sociology, a little bit of politics and Hindi literature under his exchange program. He loves our spectacularly vast campus, amazing faculties and industry-oriented curriculum. Subsequently sharing his thoughts on the educational system in India, he says it’s one of the most impressive, inspiring, and unforgettable experiences. Suitable for young people, it’s challenging yet rewarding experience, allows them to think differently, become independent, deal with different people and mentalities and give new ideas for their future.

India being a home to a diverse range of cultures and peoples, provides a palette of diversity that can broaden one’s perspectives and understanding. The sheer variety of people you could encounter in the local area would teach you more about other cultures than the internet could ever provide. Being an exchange student is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel the world and immerse oneself in a different culture. If life presents you with such an opportunity, I believe it is foolish to turn it down.