Do you believe in miracles? Or do you believe that miracles are just those superstitiously used words wherein a technologically and scientifically driven world, the word ‘miracle’ just stands for a bogus justification to please our ancestral understanding of the extraordinary things? In an age where there are answers to almost everything, and where equations and formulas justify the understanding of a particular entity, there is little hope to believe in the word ‘Miracle’. But let me tell you…

Your life is a miracle. It all started on the day you were born. You became a beautiful miracle to your parents when your existence into this world brought about extreme love and happiness into their life, which can never be explained through theories or hypothesis.

The sight of a mother and a father with teary eyes seeing their child walk for the first time is another miracle in life. The science of evaluations and researchers into putting up equations and derivations to bring about an understanding to this behavior would fail miserably. Because such moments cannot simply be understood, they are simply felt.

And as you grow up you see continuous miracles happening in your life in the form of all the little sacrifices your family makes by putting aside their needs to cater to yours. Every little form of love that you receive becomes a part of the series of miracles that happen in your life.

When a friend helps you selflessly with no ulterior motives, but just to see you happy, what becomes another miracle in your life. Trying to find an emotional link between the two people by drawing diagrams and hypothetical solutions will simply be a waste. Because that defines friendship in the purest form.

You see a homeless man sitting on the side of the street, and with genuine generosity, you give him some food, that is when you become a miracle to someone. That is when you trigger something in their heart that brings about both comfort and love in them. Science cannot justify this feeling. You simply are a miracle.

There are numerous instances and occurrences that justify being called a miracle. It will honestly take me more than just 24 hours to jot down everything, but you get where I am going with this. Every little thing that happens around us constitutes a miracle in a way or the other. Look closely and you’ll see that not everything can be verified by using equations and formulas. There are things around us that cannot be understood, that can simply be felt.

And one of the most beautiful miracles in life is the hope that we carry for the assurance of a better tomorrow. A belief that a new day will dawn upon us with great possibilities. And all these possibilities will ultimately become a miracle in their own way.